"Vivacious and enthusiastic teacher."

Mother of a privat student from Katrin's private guitar studio 

Everyone who loves the guitar is at the right place in Katrin's guitar studio. 

Due to her vast variety of teaching experiences in music schools, general education schools, private teaching studios in Germany and the US and master classes, Katrin developed a successful teaching career. 
Her students receive tailored lessons and individual goal sets to achieve proper techniques, repertoire, performance opportunities and most importantly experience joy for the music.

She has taught students as young as 4 years old up to senior age. 

Many skills, like reading, counting, concentration and self esteem are practiced along with learning to play the guitar. 

Katrin has recently accepted a teaching and deparment chair position at the Musikschule City West in Berlin, Germany.

Please refer to the homepage to register for lessons with her. 


Foto credit: Raimund Herzog

"What I also found incredible was Katrin’s ability, as a single instructor, to organize an entire concert in which all of her students participated.  There were solos, and duets, and even homemade cakes.  It was a wonderful event for family and friends, and demonstrated the level of devotion that Katrin has to her students."

Mother of a privat student from Katrin's private guitar studio